How To Brand Your Exhibit For Success

Learn how PG Exhibits overcomes challenges at ASCO 2017. The client wanted their custom trade show exhibit to tell a unified story using the multiple facets they manage to represent their brand. See how PG worked to overcome their challenges by setting a show goal at ASCO to create the cohesive representation of their brand that incorporated the businesses story through a unique exhibit design.

NantHealth Case Study


“We leverage the latest advancements in precision medicine and software technology to enable true value based care.”


Company Overview:


NantHealth is a next-generation, evidence-based, personalized healthcare company enabling improved patient outcomes and more effective treatment decisions for critical illnesses. Our focused portfolio exemplifies our unique systems-based approach to personalized healthcare and integrates large-scale, biometric and phenotypic data to track patient outcomes and deliver precision medicine.


NantWorks Exhibit at ASCO




The biggest challenge NantHealth has faced is effectively keeping their branding and messaging consistent across all entities of their business. NantHealth recently attended ASCO 2017 with PG Exhibits. “ASCO is a huge show with massive show rooms. There are many businesses trying to gain industry recognition. Having a custom exhibit that draws attention, properly represents our brand, and offers an inviting space for attendees is crucial,” says upper level management at NantHealth.

For ASCO 2017, they wanted their custom trade show exhibit to tell a unified story using the multiple facets they manage to represent their brand. They planned to overcome their challenges by setting a show goal at ASCO to create the cohesive representation of their brand that incorporated all NantWorks story through a unique exhibit design. 


Most noteworthy, they wanted their custom trade show exhibit design to include a clinical trial pipeline. “Getting layout recommendations was critical to show the innovations of everything we’re doing to the exhibit design. We needed to stand out, and we knew working with PG would allow us to accomplish this.” The pipeline represented the evolution of their clinical trials and results, and they needed to ensure all the pipeline information is FDA approved.




Implemented Solution:


PG Exhibit's custom exhibit design included the clinical trial pipeline which covered a quarter of the booth space. “We wanted to create a professional looking booth that would draw in a lot of attention.” PG used the pipeline as the focal point of the exhibit. This created an eye-catching feature for exhibitors walking the show floor. The exhibits open layout concept was used for drawing in large crowds, and the design created a professional and cohesive message. By optimizing the exhibit space, NantHealth was able to accomplish their show goals, and provide a prominent presence against the competition. From design to execution, PG provided full trade show services to meet NantHealth’s needs at ASCO 2017.  “PG has been a partner throughout every stage of the trade show process.”






Healthcare is an innovative industry and highly competitive. Having a partner that can help ease the stress and understand our goals allowed us to overcome the challenges on and off the show floor. “We see PG Exhibit’s as less of a vendor relationship, and more of a true partnership and extension of our team.”


- NantHealth has continued to use the branding and messaging created for their ASCO exhibit design for their business marketing content.

- They have attended more shows after ASCO and kept consistent with the branding standards that were created for their 2017 ASCO exhibit.

“The relationship side is key. PG Exhibits and our Account Executive, Rob have been responsive, flexible, and overall a pleasure to work with. Everything was setup properly, and our brand was represented through the booth they built.”


“Partnering with PG Exhibits means being able to do these shows well and represent our brand through exhibit design the way we envision. This partnership has allowed us to successfully attend trade shows, and most importantly PG Exhibits and Rob make our jobs easier.” 




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