The HIMSS 2018 Conference will be held from March 5th through March 9th in 2018. The annual conference brings together over 40,000 healthcare professionals to network and learn about the latest technology and advancements in health. The conference has educational seminars all week for you to learn and network with other individuals at the HIMSS conference. Exhibitors from around the world will display their state-of-the-art products and promote their business to thousands of attendees exploring the show floor. 

HIMSS Conference and Exhibition PG ExhibitsHow to make a strong presence at HIMSS 2018?


HIMSS 2018 is a chance to promote yourself and generate new leads for your business. Finding a way to differentiate yourself in the large crowd, and leaving a memorable impression is key. If you're exhibiting at the HIMSS 2018 conference, we have a couple tips and tricks for you to help drive traffic to your custom trade show booths, and ensure you have a strong presence at the show. 


trade show display design


1. Think outside the box.


Let's put our creative thinking caps on! How do you transform your products and services, and bring them to life through your trade show display? How can we make an intangible product (such as technology) tangible by utilizing your custom exhibit booths space? When it comes to the exhibit design and fabrication of your booth, you can create an experience of your brand rather than just a display of your brand. Experiencing a product or service will resonate with the attendees, and increase the chances of them remembering your exhibit after the show. One of our clients exhibits was designed to help promote their latest technology. They had a line of interactive kiosks through their custom trade show booth space that allowed attendees to walk up and demo the technology. 


trade show display design


2. Engagement.


Determine how you're planning to engage with the attendees at the show. Are you looking to...


- Draw in large crowds
- Catch everyone from the aisle way
- Stop people walking by



- Segmenting the crowd
- Determining the qualification of the attendees passing through
- Taking a more private and exclusive approach to secure a one-on-one closed door meeting


Your custom trade show exhibit design will determine how you're able to engage with the attendees. An open booth design will draw in larger crowds and create a more approachable space. Incorporating a theater space for a guest speaker or demonstration will grab peoples attention walking by, and bring in larger crowds. If you're wanting exclusivity, more walls = more privacy. Last but not least, if you want the best of both worlds, you combine the two concepts and create a space to engage with the large crowds, and incorporate an area with privacy to hold a one-on-one meeting. For example, if you know that you want a meeting space and an open floor concept; and both your budget and the trade show floor plan rules and regulations allow, maximize your space by building up.  You can maximize your booth space by building up and incorporating a double decker. Use the upper deck for private meetings, and keep the larger crowds on the show floor. Here is a great example of a double decker exhibit display with private meeting space, and an area for a guest speaker. 


HIMSS Custom trade show display


Custom trade show exhibit






The HIMSS 2018 Conference is right around the corner, and we're partnering with clients to help improve their presence at the show. PG Exhibits is a full-service trade show management company that offers:


Custom trade show displays
- Exhibit design and fabrication
Exhibit rentals
Trade show management services

Contact us today for more information about partnering with PG Exhibits at HIMSS 2018. To learn about PG Exhibits, visit our website or call 303-722-6565.