Every year, millions of businesses attend trade shows to drive sales, network with individuals, and promote new products. In today's digitally-driven world, these actions can arguably be accomplished through the web. If technology is taking over the way many businesses operate day-to-day, what’s continuing to motivate businesses to attend trade shows? It’s simple - to create an experience for a targeted audience that cannot be cultivated through the internet.


Trade shows allow businesses to design an exhibit that brings their brand to life and provides an unforgettable experience for the audience. Over the last couple years, face-to-face interactions have become significantly more important to consumers looking to build new relationships. Experiential marketing activations are designed to interact with audiences in a memorable and engaging way. Thus, allowing exhibitors a greater opportunity to build more stronger relationships organically.




Experiential marketing is a popular trend in the trade show industry that uses physical environments to engage and interact with an audience. These environments allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, interact with people in a remarkable way, and drive cognitive thinking towards your brand’s offerings.



This is an activation we created for Bourbon Legends at JFK International Airport.



This is one of our clients' experiential exhibits at NBAA in Las Vegas, NV.




The visual appearance of your exhibit will be key to attracting attendees in a fun and memorable way. Designing an exhibit that engages the audience and entices them to come visit your space from all areas of the show floor will provide you with an opportunity to build and grow relationships in your market. 


Make your exhibit shareable with your audience, their peers, and their decision makers. Using interactive elements photo booths and GIF creators can provide visitors with a fast way to capture a moment and then share across their social media channels. Including these elements provide exhibitors with social media coverage throughout the entire event.





Here are a few ways we’ve helped create innovation and engagement for our clients:

- We have deployed the use of holographic technology to demonstrate the efficacy of a new product for a pharmaceutical client.

- PG has used different video technology to convey product features and benefits. Video technology included touchscreens, arrays, LED tiles, video walls, etc.

- We used locally sourced reclaimed barn wood to design and build an exhibit for a client who specializes in organic food products. This helped to reinforce their organic and natural culture.


- Exhibitors are taking their booths to the next level by submerging the audience into their brand in an unforgettable and engaging environment. Before your next event, clearly define your goals, create a vision for your design, and decide what elements will make your exhibit memorable and be engaging for your audience.

PG Exhibits + Environments is a full-service, turnkey, company specializing in the design and fabrication of distinctive three – dimensional marketing environments that support our clients’ brand, increase their visibility in the market and differentiates them from their competitors. We provide a wide variety of services such as:


Experiential Marketing Environments
- Exhibit Design and Fabrication
Custom Trade Show Displays
Exhibit Rentals
- Portable and Modular Exhibit Devices
- Trade Show Services and Show Site Logistics

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